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About Us

Company Overview


INFIGO Homes solution limited provides wide range of smart switches. Our Goal is to enhance security, increase energy efficiency, cost efficient and simplify life. Infigo is a Home Automation based in Bangalore, India and providing wireless, affordable smart home solutions called Smart Switch Boards. Our products are designed with Indian consumer & conditions in mind. Our range of products in the home automation field include Comfort, Convenience & Security.

Simplify your life

With infigo products, you can simplify your life and have following features:

Modern interface

You can control and operate using your mobile phones. Works on Generator,Invertor or on Solar power.

Modern design

New design which will enhance the home look. Choose the color you love & combination that fits your decor.

Easy customize

Now you can customize your switchboard by adding images. You can also select themes and scenes.

Features and benefits

Some stuff about our product


You can operate Lights, Fans, Geyser, Washing Machine etc. Smart switches Boards works in three modes feather touch, IR wireless Remote and Using Mobile APP.

Power Saving

Cut off extra power bills and save electricity.

User Safety

Non hazardous radiation.